Guest Foster Parent Blogger: The Child on Your Doorstep

Jessica Edhlund, Mama of 2 and foster mama the past two years to nine children (so far) shares her heart today on the blog!

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No one understands the need for more foster parents better than foster parents themselves. Many of us are maxed out and doing more than we ever thought we could. Foster care is a community issue, not an individual one.

Community members who have the great fortune of having a stable home environment and an extra bed or two can consider pitching in. Foster parents are not special people with extraordinary talents or the super human ability to not get too attached. They are regular people who decided that vulnerable children in their community deserve a safe place in a family instead of having to move far away or live in a group home.

Yes, sometimes there is discomfort or emotional pain that is endured by foster parents. Better us capable adults than them.

Imagine this: a child with no where to go and a dangerous living situation shows up on your doorstep needing a safe place to be loved and sleep. How many of us would say “no”? I think it’s safe to say most of us would keep that child safe and bring them into our home.

Just because you don’t see these children on your doorstep, don’t forget they are there. The distance is morally irrelevant.
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