Will You Look?

Until  recently, I had never noticed the very first part of Mark 10:21. It says, “Jesus looked and loved him.” One simple thing Jesus did—he looked, and then he naturally loved.   The need for foster parents can overwhelm me sometimes since the numbers seem so daunting.  So, though you might not foster, can I ask you first to consider a first step to move into the life of a child in need and simply look him/her in the face this year? I thought I’d ask you if you are “looking” at any orphans…in your family, in your church, or in your community.  If you want to love struggling people to life, why not look with love on their children first?  Fostering provides this authentic testimony to the gospel we Christians are called to share.  
If you are not yet looking at a child that needs someone to look and listen, would you consider helping Fostering Faithfully as we look and listen together to foster children in our community?  A child can never have too many people looking and listening in love.  We need childcare volunteers monthly, people to take meals to families during stressful times and transitions, respite caregivers, mentors, and of course, foster parents who show love by looking and listening 24/7.  Check out our opportunities for looking at that little face that might just change your life: http://www.fosteringfaithfully.org/Resources/Our_Ministries/.  


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