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Foster Parents Spread Christmas Cheer Year-Round!

There is nothing like the wide-eyed wonder and sparkle in a child’s eyes and sweet smile at Christmas. All year long, some foster children come into care having lost their sparkle. I met a little boy last summer, placed in a family we serve, whose personality had disappeared due to neglect and trauma. Like many foster kids I’ve known, he was withdrawn (understandably so) when I tried to chat with him on the floor criss-cross applesauce while we enjoyed some birthday cake, and quite simply he had a flat affect. But this week, months later, I got to enjoy his giggle, shoulders bobbing up and down and nose-wrinkled as his foster father affectionately told a funny story about him that week. He was so delighted to re-laugh over it. I have seen it time and time again, that as foster kids experience the cherishing and unconditional love of a family, good nutrition, safety, regular sleep, structure, and new experiences their light comes back on! Foster parents make great sacrifices, but also get to experience great miracles as the kids they agreed to love sight unseen begin to smile, laugh, talk more, be affectionate, and enjoy life again just being healthy kids.    
Today my Christmas joy was a little more complete when that little boy seemed more of who he was meant to be. Foster parents get to share their joy all year long with kids who deserve more cheerfulness in their lives. Would you consider helping restore childhood to a child who's lost too much, by fostering, serving these children by sharing your smile at our events, or supporting foster families in our community as they love children going through hard times who should have never lost the “twinkle in their eye"?  Find out more about becoming a foster parent on our website: 


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